Friday, January 4, 2008

My favorite things

I love kitchen gadgets. I really do. I can go to Bed Bath and Beyond and just look and look at all the neat gadgets they have. My kitchen is cluttered with gadgets. This is why I need a house. So I can have a bigger kitchen to fill with even more gadgets.

Back to Basics Egg and Muffin Toaster-You can toast, cook an egg, and fry up meat for your egg sandwich. This is the coolest invention. It will also cook it all on a timer, so that everything finishes at the SAME time! How cool is that? You can find it at Sears or Bed Bath and Beyond.

Presto Fry Daddy- My husband bought mine at Walmart. It is seriously the neatest little thing. It makes frying potoatoes and other food easy. It holds up to four cups of food and has a plastic lid for storage of the oil. It also came with a metal spoon to life the food out of the fryer.

Rival Crock Pot-How I love thee. I cook lots of things in my crock pot. Soups, chili, etc. I know they make some with a timer, I wish mine had one. I also like to use the crock pot bags so clean up is a breeze.

Back to Basics Hot Cocoa Latte Maker-if you like hot chocolate this is a MUST. It makes all sorts of hot drinks, but I use it for hot cooca. All you do is fill it with milk and add your hot cocoa. Turn it on and it will heat and stir it for you. Then it shuts of when it is ready to go. It makes your drink very frothy and so yummy! It also comes with a guide on other hot drinks you can make using it. What I also like about it is you can wrap the cord around the bottom. That is why you can't see the power cord in this picture.

Home Trends Mini Chopper-I got this from my mom. She's had this chopper for many years and gave it to me when she bought a new one. It works like a charm! It chops up onions and other vegetables quickly and with ease. I have also used it to chop up cookies to make truffles. It's tiny, but okay for now.

Sunbeam Heritage Standmixer-This was a Christmas gift from my husband. It comes with two different sized bowls and a few mixers. I've used it to make my butter cookies and it really mixed up the butter like a pro. I have also used it several other times to make different things and I really like it so far. I think a stand mixer is a must for everyone who enjoys baking.

A cookie scooper! How I love thee!!! Makes cookie baking and tuffle making soooo much easier! If you see one that is smaller than this, PLEASE let me know. I got this one at Bed Bath and Beyond, but I've even seen similar ones at Walmart.

Last but not least is this measuring cup. I like it because the clear part moves. You bring it to the measurment you need, fill it up, and push the bottom part up to remove what is inside. It is nice when you are making peanut butter cookies, because the peanut butter will slide right out.


Anonymous said...

You're measuring cup is also really great for ingredients like cream cheese or sour cream ... for the same reason as you list for the peanut butter advantage. :-)

Crystal said...

I love my sunbeam stand mixer too. I've used it for baking and mixing cake icing. I wanted a stand mixer, but right now I could not justify spending the big bucks on a KA. I love that yours is red. I love red appliances. I bought mine in white though to match everything else.