Friday, January 4, 2008

My kitchen gadget wishlist

I finally found a small cookie scoop on Pampered Chef! I NEED one of those. Badly.

For some odd reason, I feel like I need a spreader. Why I can't just use a butter knife, I don't know. But I'm sure I put the spreader to good use!

This egg separator is really neat. I think I may need it.

Do cookie presses really work? If they do, I think it would be neat to have one.

I also need a new set of pots and pans. Ours are all old and not in the best shape. I'm not even sure which brand I would purchase, but something good.

This is totally unrealistic to have, but I think it is pretty cool! It's a pizza oven! How fun!

Why in the world do I want these? I am a nerd.


Baldy said...

Well, we'll just have to see what we can do about this wish list!

Duchess Paisley said...

I know this is an old post but I have to say I love that egg separator! You can hang it on a bowl and it does a great job. As for pans I love my Calphalon.